Columbus UK supplies world's first Smartphone with thermal imaging technology for COVID-19 temperature screening

Temperature screening smartphones for a safer return to work, leisure and life.

Columbus UK is delighted to announce that it is a supplier of the world’s first smartphone with integrated thermal imaging technology. More businesses including hospitality, retail, logistics and manufacturing are using EST (elevated skin temperature) detection as part of their programs to protect staff and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Columbus UK provides business mobile devices from all the major global manufacturers, but one device that has caught their attention recently is the Cat S61 Smartphone with integrated FLIR thermal imaging technology.

The Cat S60, and its successor, the Cat S61 Smartphone are the first mobile devices with integrated thermal imaging cameras. All physical things, including people, radiate infrared energy. This can be detected by a thermal camera, with different surface temperatures visualised and represented as different colours on a display. The technology requires no natural light and does not require physical contact with the target to read temperature. This makes thermal imaging an ideal technology for initial screening of groups or lines of people as they pass by a camera, as elevated skin temperatures that could be the result of a fever will show up clearly as a contrasting colour on the display.

Jason George from Columbus UK commented on the technology, “As lockdown restrictions begin to ease, we are starting to see an increase in the sale of thermal imaging systems integrated into smartphones to help a wide range of business sectors support their return to work policies. The S61 is really easy to use and a wide range of local businesses from shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels, warehouses and offices could use the device for temperature screening post-lockdown.”

  • Thermal imaging camera is as straightforward to use as a regular smartphone camera. Simple instructions – no training
  • Handheld – ideal to discretely monitor a queue, public transport, taxis, security/door staff, mobile patrols and for other environments where a fixed location camera is not practical.
  • Tripod mounted – ideal for office reception desks and other controlled entrances.
  • 4G & Wi-Fi connectivity makes it simple to stream everything to a control room or office (allowing one person to manage multiple devices/entry points)

Jason George also described another key benefit for improved hygiene post-lockdown, “The Cat S61 is a military grade, durable Smartphone built to withstand regular scrubbing and exposure to chemicals, bleaches and detergents. The device can be easily cleaned and disinfected and can be fully submerged in hot water with soaps, detergents or even bleach without any degradation in the device’s performance. Because of the military grade specification of the device, the S61 does not need an additional case that could store germs either.”

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Despite its high-end specification, the Cat S61 is currently half the cost of an iPhone 11 Pro so it’s an incredibly versatile, durable and very cost-effective device which is available from Columbus UK now, either SIM free, or part of their SIMple Business Mobile Plans. For further information, visit the Columbus UK web site or contact Jason George on 0333 240 7755.

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